Snow Day or School Day

Snow Day or School Day

Rachel Miller, Paw Print Reporter

Temperatures are lowering and snow is falling, winter is here! For school, this could mean a total extinction of snow days due to remote learning. Could this really mean snow days are over forever?! 

This year, unlike any other year before, students are given the option to go fully remote or hybrid learning. This leaves school faculty and students to the questions about what we do on snow days. Should we go fully remote for snow days or have a traditional snow day?

Chloe Zako (23’) says, “I think that traditional snow days will be beneficial for students this year because we are always staring at our screen the entire day inside our house. Being outside for just a day to go sledding, play in the snow, or just to get away from your screen is good for students, especially for what we are dealing with right now,” Zako continues, “One day, I didn’t even know it was snowing because I’m fully remote and after lunch, I finally open my windows and see that it was a snow day, and I didn’t even know!” 

Taking a break from school, in ways, is better for students to get less stressed and get caught up on late work. Breaks are always needed and snow days are no exceptions. 

On the bright side, with no traditional snow days, the extra days won’t be added to the end of our school year.  It also means students don’t have to early morning shovel the snow off their cars just to get to school. 

Seeing the glass half full, Emily Scott (23’) says, “I think we should have remote snow days because regular snow days will just keep us in school longer and make summer shorter. It happened a few years ago, maybe around 2013, we had so many snow days,” “We didn’t get out of school till almost July, and it was not fun. Now in our times that we can take advantage and do remote we should do we aren’t in that position again.” 

Overall, some students want a traditional snow day for snow days and others want to have a remote school day for more summer days. Whether you want one or the other, we can all agree that a break from school is much needed for students and teachers.