Fashion Trends in 2021

       New styles are trending everywhere and most people are starting to experiment with new clothing or “old clothing.” Since it is a new year, trends are starting to die down from last year while new trends are coming in. Many people are wondering what will go big, and make it to headlines.

          Some of the trends from 2020 included: Tennis skirts, sweater vests, patterned jeans, y2k tops, tie-dye, etc. The trends are changing for sure with this new year. The popular magazine, Vogue, mentioned that the style of the 1990s has returned to fashion. Another style that is coming back are short shorts. These two styles that were once popular before, are making a comeback. However, there might be some disagreements with the styles coming back.

  There is another topic that will be discussed for the new year in fashion, the color of the year. The color that will most likely be worn and be popular is silver. This color combines new energy and a boost of confidence with this sparkly color. The material that will be worn often will be leather. The biker jacket might be making a new comeback, making a unique look for any outfit.

           High rise jeans have been popular for a while now. Influencers and young teens are wearing them from left and right. Although, more and more people are starting to wear a low rise. Hips being revealed, showing a new businesswoman look. What about a sporty look that can also be fashionable? Yes, that’s right, tracksuits. You can wear this fit during the day or night. Making a sophisticated look, while also wearing a fashion statement. Another quite interesting style is the minimalist. This was a take for a while in the 1990s. An all-white is an example of a minimalist look. 

            Now let’s get input from a student from Norwalk High School who loves fashion. Clare Beggan, (‘22) a fashion expert, loves hearing the new updates on what is trending or not. “I think some new fashion trends this year would be trench coats, utility jackets, wide pants, pastel colored clothes, and some dad blazers.” She also said, “I would like to see more cool pants because I feel like most of the time it’s either jeans or leggings but I like to see some corduroys or flare pants.” 

With all of these styles at hand, magazines raving, and trends being set, some great outfits are in store for the year 2021.