Confirmed Coronavirus cases in the US

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the US don’t show the ‘total burden of the pandemic,’ study says and what  heard about this is that i hear that in my video  was investigating on it said that in mid October it could be ready so that people can use the vaccine and get cured from whatever the covid did to them to caused them to get sick but we know it affects older people in a more extreme way than  younger people. 

The right precautions to take are,  wearing a mask, and washing your hands. Since it’s going to help wash away the bacteria and I think that it is going to help getting the way to not touch your face and other parts of your body. And i remember about the 60 minute video that was about bob Woodward and he was giving a lot of statements about what his reaction about what was happening around the world then he would listen to the things that trump was saying about the book about that Woodward was going to publish and trump out of nowhere says that the book would contain fake things in his proper book and then Trump would go with his version of his story about telling the truth about the coronavirus and he said this “I want the American people to hear me say this: There will be no shortcuts. 

This vaccine will be safe. It will be effective. Or it won’t get moved along,” how he wants a good economy where everyone is safe and what I believe that the people should get vaccinated every month.

 I think that can be one way that the cure can help. It can help if there was a way that the vaccine can get to America so that people can use it so that it can become successful to those in need.  For the time being, everyone needs to stay healthy, go for walks, and exercise to help lessen the chances of getting Covid-19. 

 People must also remember to stay away from others and stay distanced so that they do not get infected from those people who don’t wear a mask, because Covid-19 has the potential to be airborne, and spread that way.

 Some quotes i found was about how they would talk about some symptoms about the article was this “We know that in the US, earlier on in the epidemic, the people who were getting tested had moderate to severe symptoms,” this means that before people were getting tested to see if the doctor’s found anything wrong with the virus that the people got.

 Another quote is “By October 2020, based on recent and announced expected market entry, point-of-care tests will rise to at least 70 million tests per month,” this is an explanation that means the vaccine might be ready by October because they believe it is going to be ready by then and from their we can get the vaccine from the doctors so that the people in the entire country do not get sick.

The Nation should keep fighting because since there’s death’s many people have lost family members from this infection that spreads around quickly. Since this is a dangerous sickness many people should just spread themselves out to avoid contact and their proper distance to not get sick.

More things that should be done are to be careful upon who your talking on the phone since it is basically like a contact and they say that it is bad since you never know if that person is affected with covid 19, what i can also say about this is that i don’t know why so many people don’t wear masks when they go outside that is really dangerous because if you don’t have a mask how will you get inside of a store and purchase things you could be wanting. In my final thoughts about this story is that I don’t know how long this pandemic will last and we will have to continue using our proper masks to protect ourselves and staying healthy enough so that we can know the right time when it’s over. DoD issues flexible instructions on response to Coronavirus |