Norwalk High

1) All I Ask (38)

2) Someone Like You (29)

3) Rolling in the Deep (24)

4) When We Were Young (21)

Surprisingly I am not too upset with this list. All I ask took home first place with an overwhelming 38 votes. I almost put this song first on my own list so I can see why it was so popular. Another common song from this list and my own is Someone Like You. This is another one of Adele’s classic songs, so I can see why this one got a lot of votes as well. Rolling in the Deep and When We Were Young were two songs I had in my top ten but didn’t quite make the cut. A couple of songs that just missed the cut include: Chasing Pavements, Make You Feel My Love, Rumor Has It, and Water Under the Bridge. These songs all received anywhere from 15-20 votes, putting them just under the fourth place mark.