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Mount Rushmore V1: Adele Songs

December 9, 2021

Queen Adele, we all know her, and we all love her. 

In honor of her new album “30” which recently dropped, I asked students and teachers around Norwalk High School to rank their top four (not five) Adele songs. This will stand as the first edition of a new Paw Print exclusive series called “Mount Rushmore”. Keep a look out for more of these in the future where we go out and find the four best… something. 

In this case, I will be giving my personal Mount Rushmore of Adele songs and comparing it to Norwalk High’s Mount Rushmore, which is the final tally of votes from a selection of random students and teachers throughout the building. The way the point system works goes as follows: First place song receives four points, second place song receives three points, third place gets two points, and fourth place gets one.

Norwalk High

1) All I Ask (38)

2) Someone Like You (29)

3) Rolling in the Deep (24)

4) When We Were Young (21)

Surprisingly I am not too upset with this list. All I ask took home first place with an overwhelming 38 votes. I almost put this song first on my own list so I can see why it was so popular. Another common song from this list and my own is Someone Like You. This is another one of Adele’s classic songs, so I can see why this one got a lot of votes as well. Rolling in the Deep and When We Were Young were two songs I had in my top ten but didn’t quite make the cut. A couple of songs that just missed the cut include: Chasing Pavements, Make You Feel My Love, Rumor Has It, and Water Under the Bridge. These songs all received anywhere from 15-20 votes, putting them just under the fourth place mark.

AJ Monteiro

1) Don’t You Remember

2) All I Ask

3) Love in the Dark

4) Someone Like You

This list is perfection, whoever wrote it really knows their Adele… Don’t You Remember is easily the best Adele song and I do not even think it is close. I was very disappointed to see that the song received under five votes from Norwalk High. All I Ask was given a lot of love by Norwalk High as it received their first position. Love in the Dark was another song that immediately stuck out to me but not to others. Only puling in seven votes it is clear that this song is incredibly underrated and deserves more hype. My last position on the list goes to Someone Like You which also got attention on Norwalk High’s list. These four selections stand out to me like no other, and that’s why they all deserve a spot on my Mount Rushmore.

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