The Football Season That Could Have Happened


Chloe Zako, Paw Print writer


           This fall, Connecticut High School Football has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. CIAC made the decision on September 3rd, where said “CIAC Officially Cancels Fall High School Football Season.” The article explained how football is a “high risk” sport and can cause the spread of COVID-19. Many people were upset with this announcement, especially the high school football players. 


      Players wanted the season back, but unfortunately the monstrous Coronavirus is still dangerous. A large number of the football players, coaches, and players from Connecticut came together and started a protest in Harford, CT. Many of them chanted, “Let us play!” As well as holding up signs that say, “Flag on the call: Let them play ball” or “Don’t Bench Our Season.” Governor Lamont reacted by tweeting out, “I’m calling for a meeting between the CIAC and DPH to be held on Friday regarding ways to safely hold high school sports.” After the CIAC and DPH had a meeting, they decided that football will stay cancelled and they will not change their decision. In the Hartford Courant, it mentions, “The CIAC board of control, which met Wednesday morning, said it will “consider allowing competition at a later time for a sport that cannot hold it’s regularly scheduled season, such as football, provided it does not negatively impact spring sports.” This was a disappointment for many of people. It is hard for many of these players because many players want to be able to experience what is like playing a high school sport and some even want to play in college. It is difficult to handle and accept it but since there is a pandemic going on, there are safety precautions that are implemented. Since, it is a full contact sport, the risks of players getting covid is high. As of right now, the season is postponed to the spring but the decision is still up for debate. 


      The players of the football team will now have to deal with the disappointing news. They did have a protest that did not go so well, there can be other ways to keep the players occupied and productive. The Norwalk High Football Team continues to have practices and are currently preparing for the upcoming spring. Also, the football team is currently playing 7v7 games. NHS football player Jamar Alcena (‘23) said, “We’re dealing with the canceled season as more time to get to know our team in and out the pros and the cons in our playing style. The season being postponed is just more time to get us better.” Jamar added incitement about what changes the team is facing; “As of right now there is a big chance that the real season will be in February.” That is good news for the football team and it is great that they are preparing now. He also said, “Coach Miller is telling us to focus on our game because that’s the most important thing right now. He has the most pride I have ever seen before.”  

      Even though it is not exactly the same, there are few things coming out of the fall sports being cancelled that are beneficial for the Norwalk High School football team. The team hopes to get through this together and make the most of it, even in the hardest of times.