Modernizing The Film Industry: A Review of the Series “Euphoria”

Why Teens Should Watch This Popular Show, Although There Is Controversy On The Appropriateness Of It

“I’m Extremely Confused.”

— Cal Jacobs

Airing in the summer of 2019, now in the winter of 2022, Euphoria is talked amongst all. This show has teens sharing and asking each other for their HBO Max login information for the new episodes airing every Sunday at 9 pm EST. If you can’t watch the show you will be sure to hear about it from friends or see spoilers on social media platforms like TikTok. 


Many are hesitant on their teenagers watching the show feeling its inappropriate and too sexual for young adults. Shows approved by parents are written by parents themselves. On top of lacking the entertainment factor, they are unrealistic to a real teenager’s life in today’s society. Keeping it pg in multiple factors other than sexual scenes, shows how scripted and fake these shows really are. Euphoria is much more than a sexual show. It’s a show teens can relate to nowadays and arise a lot of struggles they encounter. Teens and others like this show so much not because of the sexual aspect, but because of how real and raw it is. 


Euphoria revolves around the life of the main character, Rue who is a drug addict and struggles with getting clean. Unfortunately many teens struggle with addiction today. This is showing the real life of many, but also brings awareness. If you don’t do drugs, but are possibly considering you can get an insight through the show how big a toll it takes on Rue and how hard it really is to stop once you start. Euphoria is also LGBTQ+ inclusive. Jules is a transgender girl who struggles to fit in and Cal is Nate’s father who struggles with his sexual identity and accepting that he is attracted to males and being comfortable with it by telling the world. This showcases the LGBTQ+ struggles as a teen and how it can even lead into their adulthood. Chris is a football player who has his life flash before his life when he realizes his love for football and the talent he possesses from high school won’t be enough for college football. We see him battle through the adjustment from highschool to college. Cassie is a teen girl thats oversexualized by her peers due to her looks and her sexual history that seems to proceed her. Kat struggles with her body image in the beginning of the show, but as the show continues she learns to love her body and be confident in her own skin. We also get an insight on Maddy and Nate’s toxic, but addicting relationship. This shows us the reality of an abusive relationship any of us can endure today, along with the friendship issues that may come along with it. Cassie in Season 2 of Euphoria got with Nate and when Maddy found out through Rue it tore them apart. 


Every character in the show struggles with an inner battle relevant to issues that teenagers experience today. Not only is it entertaining to the young audience, but also educate its viewers on various topics that need to be shown more in the film industry today. The things we watch shouldn’t be fairy tales nor setting the expectation of this perfect life you need to live. Truth is life isn’t perfect and you will have to overcome many obstacles in order to survive. This is a show everyone should watch and engage in, but especially teenagers who are currently living this life and facing some of these issues. This show is much more than the sexual scenes that seem to characterize its soul existence.