All State in the Pool, Life Saver out

Morgan Saunders an All State Swimmer saved Alexis’s life

Kostaki Kodonas and Mike Jimenez

On a normal afternoon on June 29th, Alexis’s life was saved.

8 year old Alexis, was in danger while swimming at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, until lifeguard Morgan Saunders, a senior at Norwalk High School, noticed her. She initiated the emergency action plan and acted quickly to save her life. She preformed CPR and rescue breaths, to bring her back to life. Outside of being a lifeguard, Saunders is one of the captains of the Norwalk Girls Swim and Dive team. She is an All-State and All-FCIAC swimmer. She has been swimming competitively for 9 years. All that hard work and dedication came to fruition on Thursday, June 29th.

Most lifeguards will tell you their job is fairly easy and only consists of blowing a whistle to prevent hazards. Saunders would say otherwise. That infamous Thursday afternoon, will likely go down as one of proudest moments in her early adulthood.

“I didn’t panic, I kinda was in a different zone, I just knew what to do and a had my team there to help me.””

— Morgan Saunders

Saunders didn’t panic and trusted her training, leading to the saving of Alexis’ life.

Morgan had done something only the makings of a real-life hero could have done, she saved someones life!