Boys Swimming Takes Down Darien

The COVID-19 epidemic was a situation full of unpredictable obstacles.Like shutdowns, restrictions and unemployment.But one thing that has stayed the same is the team and that they were still able to compete in swim meets. Norwalk boy’s swimming and diving beat Darien and it was a big victory. This could change the whole season on how the boy’s swimming could turn out. This was a massive win for Norwalk because Darien was one of the top swim teams so with Norwalk beating them that means they can accomplish a lot more things. Norwalk is looking good this season and with this win it gives Norwalk a ginormous confidence booster. If any team was to beat Darien they would get a confidence boost. This win will especially help Norwalk when they go to Fciacs. The states got cancelled for swimming but Fciacs are still really big, so now the swim team can take this win into Fciacs and prevail off of it and really make it make sure that it wasn’t just a one time thing.