NHS Female Wrestler: Kaleigh Carrillos

A Student Athlete who is not Afraid to Pave the Way.

Ellana Brancato


Kaleigh Carrillos at one of last years matches alongside teammates and coaches

Ellana Brancato, BCSN Content Creator

Kaleigh Carrillos is a Sophomore at NHS who plays Field Hockey in the fall, and Wrestles in the winter. Although Kaleigh was the only female on her team last year (her freshman year), this did not stop her from putting her all into this sport. Kaleigh has been wrestling since the 6th grade with ¨The Mad Bulls wrestling team¨ making this her 4th year wrestling in total, and 2nd year at a high school level. While there aren’t many female wrestlers, Kaleigh says ¨It is kind of rare to see a girl at a wrestling tournament, unless its girls States¨. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the wrestling team will not be having any matches and are only doing weight room.  Click on the video to meet this amazing young student athlete