Online School Burnout

Rebecca Keyes, Opinion Editor

Having school online has resulted in overwhelming stress and constant headaches for many students, which has contributed to the real and detrimental issue of online school burnout.

Burnout is a state of mental or physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged stress, and it can appear in many different ways. It is with no doubt that online school has altered itself into burnout for students. The endless amounts of hours spent staring at a screen is definitely one of its major negative aspects. Between spending all day on the computer and our phones, this can lead to upwards of 8 hours of screen time per school day. 

Online school definitely openly showed its effects, with one of them being eye strain. When students are looking at a screen all day, they do not blink as often because they are focusing on something at the same distance for a long extended period of time. In turn, this leads to blurry vision and headaches. Students are also confined to their desks or beds while doing work. This prevents them from being able to move around and be active during their school day. 

Not being able to properly interact with peers definitely contributes to online school burnout. When school was in person, we were granted the ability to socialize with friends, teachers, and classmates. That factor is now mostly removed and there is nothing to distract students from the constant work. Most extracurricular activities have taken a pause this year which also gives students less time to be an active member of their community and spend time with their friends. This undoubtedly can leave many students feeling lonely and sad. 

When students finally are given a break either in between classes or after school, they usually are going on their phones. This does not do them any favors in terms of their physical and mental health however, when people finally have free time, most choose to relax and take time to themselves. 

Enduring through this pandemic has been a tough adjustment for many students and online school has definitely shown its effects it has been having on them.