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What is it Like from the Eyes of a Goalie, Regardless of the Sport Goalies Have a Unique Perspective.

Sophia Kiriaki Taiyanides, BCSN Content Creator

A slide, a jump,a save, a goal. For a goalie it’s more than that. It’s their time to bring their all.We are going to take a look at Norwalk High Schools goalies. Including, boys soccer, boys lacrosse, and girls lacrosse. Although they are all different sports, the thoughts are all the same. 


I began with talking to Norwalk’s girls lacrosse goalie, Carly Saunders. Carly is a junior, who played the sport since second grade to soon realize she was meant to be a goalie in eighth grade.


Next I talked to George Torres, Norwalk’s boys lacrosse goalie. George has been playing since freshman year and had the chance to play with the varsity boys last year in a summer league. 


Following up I was able to talk to Jake Godwin, Norwalk’s boys soccer goalie. Jake started playing soccer when he was 4 and played varsity his freshman year. Jake was a goalie for 2 years and he says, “when I got pulled up to varsity and played goalie for them my biggest accomplishment was being able to get confident and understand the position in such little time.”

Lastly, is me, Sophia-Kiki Taiyanides. I play field hockey for Norwalk high school, and I started my freshman year. I got moved up to Varsity at the end of my freshman year and started goalie my sophomore year. My biggest moment was my last game my sophomore year. I feel like I really found my way of playing the sport and became confident in myself.