The Beauty of TikTok

TikTok has changed America today, introducing teens and families to more opportunities to create, laugh, and (of course) “get famous”.


Woman dances to audio as cameraman records her, preparing a video to post on TikTok.

There is no doubt that every teen in America knows about one particular app – and that app is TikTok. Many teens use this app to express their creativity or watch other people create content, from music, comedy, dancing, skits, and more. There are many different ways to create TikToks, it all depends on the creators themselves. When a TikTok is uploaded, sometimes these videos end up on the “For You Page” where that one TikTok you created can go “viral.” This app has definitely made an impact on today’s society, where now daily conversations are commonly subjected around the popular app. For example, “Did you see that TikTok?” or “Wanna make a TikTok?” Especially with young teens, TikTok has created somewhat a different “environment” in a way. Any public place most likely has some individual or group creating a video that they hope will go viral.

Another way that TikTok has impacted teens is actually creating careers for some. One “TikTok Star,” Charli D’amelio from Norwalk, Connecticut has currently 102.3 million followers. That number is absolutely insane. Charli often uploads videos of her dancing to new release songs or her showing off her new hairstyles or nails with songs in the background. She has certainly made an influence on young teens and opened many people’s eyes to the idea of getting “TikTok Famous.” 

TikTok is not only a way of expressing creativity but it can be a small way to start big careers. You can do the smallest thing on this app and have over millions of views. This can lead to great opportunities for a typical teenager and change their lives, and hopefully more users will have the same amount of experiences as Charli D’amelio and other participants have had on the app.