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Today we go a few years back and review one of the first consoles to ever be released in the market and probably no one heard about that this console existed and to give out a few things of information to this console that people never seen.


There were many consoles back then, and the first console to come out was named “The Magnavox Odyssey” also known as the Atari Pong. This is known as the first gaming console to ever be released in the market in the year of September of 1972 and the first video game to be published being a tennis game called “Table Tennis”. Then in that same year, there were two games released called Submarine and Analogic, these were the only three games to be released on The Magnavox Odyssey. Before this console came to life, there was a prototype that was made by Ralph Baer called “Brown Box”. The Brown Box states that additional games and other accessories were sold separately in different packages.


There weren’t that many good graphics on this system, which only served it to become graphically limited capabilities. This means is that there were only a little bit of graphics on this console which was just a simple white blocks, plus there was a vertical line added to the main screen as well the color to this console was translucent so there wasn’t even a point of having it if only there were light to be just going through the game and that wasn’t going to be enjoyable for the people to see.


The console has sold 350,000 units and at that time it wasn’t successful with commercials. also in the article says that the console had received poor marketing which caused it to play a larger role and that salesmen said that there was a specific TV that they had to buy so the console would work called the Magnavox Television Set. During this whole process, this was one of the first video game consoles to start this console gaming industry.


This console is like probably one of the most lesser-known consoles. And only came with a few items such as 2 controllers, and a light gun another thing that came out with this console were more accessories like a deck of cards and etc these things came out to make this console play like a physical type of a way. 


 The Magnavox Odyssey sadly got discontinued in 1975.