Dancing Our Way Into Spring

Norwalk High Schools Yearly Exciting Dance


Getting into this yearly event is one that you can’t miss! The Spring Fling, where mainly sophomores go to attend. This event is a fun way to spice up the season and boost your enjoyment for the year. Norwalk High’s  Spring Fling will be based at the Norwalk Inn hotel in Connecticut. When will the Spring Fling happen? The sophomores Spring Fling will be held on March 31, 2023 during Spring! This occasion will start at night after school at 7pm to 10pm. Why should you attend Norwalk High’s Spring Fling? The Spring Fling lets you go out and enjoy yourself freely with your friends and have a fun night. 

To get into the spring fling you will need to buy tickets. The tickets are $70 if you haven’t paid your class dues, and $50 if you have. Tickets are on sale, so don’t miss out! You might be wondering where the tickets will be sold. They are going to be sold at Ms. Jenkins office that is located on the second floor, A house. This celebration is not only open to sophomores but other grades too! This event consists of many different foods, a DJ, and diverse music you can move your hips to. Since this event is semi-formal, show out and wear your best fit! 

I think it’s going to be so fun, every sophomore should come!

— Ms. Jenkins

This celebration event was first introduced on April 21, 1973, as a way to bring together many people and bring back peace, love, and freedom. Norwalk High School wanted to incorporate this dance as a way to join together our community and bring in peace, love, and freedom as well. With the money given into this dance it will be donated to the Norwalk Bears charity establishments. Norwalk High is a community that cherishes the little bonds we create and moves forward with them throughout the year. This special occasion unites and builds up a stronger bond between us students, teachers, counselors, etc. 

In order to continue this yearly special event, we will need your input and energy to spread the love and enjoyment during this spring season. Don’t think twice and get your ticket(s) now!