Women in Film, and the Hypocrisy That Follows.

The new era of film revolves around people being different.The Oscars are now based on being  It revolves around the fact that she is a girl, and he is white, and they are black, Movies are only labels these days. The only story worth telling, according to modern Hollywood, are those that tell how only one walk of life is tough. This is all for show. It is all to give off the illusion of progression.  

 Representation is not remaking. In the new age of Hollywood, the people in charge give off the illusion that they are being inclusive and that everyone is being treated the same. Greta Gerwig is referred to as a great “female” director. While her husband, Noah Bambach is just a great “filmmaker,” No gender-based title needed  An all-female Ghostbusters or an all-female Ocean’s Eleven is not a win for feminism because it is doing exactly the opposite of what it stands for. How is it empowering to take a pre-existing story and only change the gender of the main characters? Isn’t that just living off of someone else’s success? It is not being brave, or taking a risk – it is just sitting on a hospital bed waiting for your dessert to be fed to you via a plastic tube. 

Groundbreaking movies that have been released in decades prior, introduced something new. The transition from the golden age’s censorship to the raw violence and nudity of the 70s shocked audiences. People remember things that have never been done before. Things that blow their minds and make them wonder “how did they do that?” 

In the era of big blockbuster movies and adaptations, it is hard for a story to stand out. Month by month, B- level movies are released with “strong” women in the lead. The films receive false praise because that is the “woke” thing to do. 

It IS the twenty-first century after all. 

The media and film studios alike cry wolf. They coin these, at best, average movies “the film of the decade,” just because there is a woman in the lead. I believe that this makes America more ignorant. Now, the closed minded people of the world have reason to be against movies that highlight diversity. They have the scapegoat of saying “these damn libs’ and their agendas!”, because a movie with a 6/10 on IMDb was compared to Goodfellas.How are the people supposed to know  whether a movie is  being praised based on substance, rather than a narrative pushed by the media. 

The worst part about this is that when a truly amazing film is released, directed by a talented woman, it is not taken seriously. No one takes in the accolades and considers for a second that something of substance can be praised by the mainstream media. Strong female characters are not strong women, They are strong people. because we wouldn’t call Superman a strong male character, would we?