Why we should Keep in person shopping as relevant as online shopping

why in person in the best option for shopping

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Shopping is of course something that’s always been around since the beginning of time. The meaning of shopping has most definitely changed over the years. The most common way to shop would be online because some things might be cheaper or just more convenient for some if they don’t like going to the store in person. According to a website called The Balance here are some cons and pros about shopping online, Pros: convenience, greater selection, and easy access to information. The cons about online shopping are: Can be more expensive, increases risk of fraud, and leads to longer wait times. From personal experience when you’re expecting something to be bigger and it coming smaller in the mail is not fun, for me they were glass beads I ordered from Amazon. I ordered these beads to make frog pendants that I will then sell, but the beads were a bit small. I decided I can work with them instead of spending more money sending them back, so I made mini frogs. Personally I still love the mini frogs, but I still wish they were bigger and I wish I could’ve looked for them in person to get the right size. This is one of the biggest reasons I think in person shopping should still be as relevant as online shopping. Another common way this happens is with clothes bought online, like when you see a review that the sizes of shirts or pairs of pants run small and they say to get at least a size bigger. Another common thing is when things come in the mail damaged but that usually get covered by the seller. For these reasons I think in person shopping should be kept as relevant as online shopping.