5 Steps to success

5 Steps to Success 

As the new year begins and the freshmen are getting acclimated to the great Norwalk high and the seniors are making the most of their last first day of school here are some things that are very crucial for your future success to minimize regrets and maximize the memories you make as a Bear. 

(Step 1) Being yourself is always gonna be the key to anything you do when you enter and even leave the building. Have a clear vision of what you want to do. You could do this by journaling and keeping track of things you like as you grow as a person, because going From 14-to 18 is a big jump mentally you go through tons of phases and mentality changes

 (Step 2) embracing your teachers. It may be hard to believe but the same way you feel sad one day and happy the next is the same roller coaster of emotions your teachers face, so it’s important to be understanding and kind towards them the same way they put their home troubles aside for you. 

(Step 3) put your best foot forward. This is important because down the road when you get to the college process you’ll need to show your best grades possible which would raise your chances for scholarships and put you higher on the list for schools. 

(Step 4) Sacrifice. This is something you’ll have to face sooner or later in life so I recommend doing it early that way you’re able to reap the benefits you want out of life later. The hardest part is being able to tell your friends no and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable, but Sacrificing early will allow you to practice putting yourself first. 

(Step 5) Having fun. Memories are all you’ll have when the days are winding down and after you walk that stage. So take that risk, spend more time with your friends, and change your style. This goes hand in hand with being yourself and everything else on the list, being able to balance all these will allow you to be satisfied with the time you spend as a Bear for the rest of your time.