The Final Huddle

Recap on the Norwalk High School football team so far this season

This entire season, the Norwalk High School football team has faced many challenges ever since they hired their new head coach Mike Forget.  They started off the season with a great start against Wilbur Cross, with a blowout 45-0.  Things were looking pretty good but after the game against Wilbur Cross, things went downhill and the team lost 4 straight games and they almost beat Danbury but unfortanely lost in overtime but they still kept it real close.  The season was already over for the team even after beating Bridgeport 42-0, but the team still manages to keep things and stay positive going even though they are already eliminated from the playoffs.  They are currently 3-6 with a 0.33 win % and they are 6th in the league with a 2-4 record.  The football team has their final game of the season on Thanksgiving at 10:00 AM against McMahon and is one of the most attended game of the year and is still going to try their very best and defeat McMahon after they lost to them last year.

Since the season is coming to an end, this will be the final huddle and final game for all the seniors on the football team which is really going to change the team.  Senior captains Savvas Kodonas, Geremaya Scott, Saul Likes and Jayden Baker will be playing their last season at Norwalk High and I wonder how it’s going to affect the team.  They are the top players on the team and even after having big losses and having bad seasons they all manage to keep the team to stay positive and keep it going.  The point of being the captain of the team is to always be willing work harder everyday, be a locker room leader and help out the team, put in all the work on the field and have good character and that’s what all these captains do and that shows why they earned it.  Now that they’re leaving I wonder who will be the new captains and the new players willing to do whatever it takes to earn being the captain.  I think whoever is the most hard working players and the best locker room leaders those people will be the best for the captains of the team.

All I have to say is shoutout to the football team to never giving up and keeping it going.  Especially after last season having one of their worse record they had in a while.  One thing this team knows what to do is to play hard every game even when they are getting blown out by the other team they still play very hard and do as much as they can to score points.  Make sure to come to the Thanksgiving game Norwalk High School vs Brien McMahon and watch the final game of the season!  Let’s go Bears!



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