Demon Slayer Season 2 – Another Gem!

Review of Demon Slayer Season 2: Mugen Train and Entertainment District Arc


            Demon Slayer, a robust adaptation of the manga, left fans with high expectations for the second season. In the first season, we left off with Tanjiro and his group being victorious over one of the lower ranks of the Twelve Kizuki. They were then given a new mission, leaving the show on a cliffhanger.

            This new season started off with the Mugen Train Arc and displayed an unseen Hashira, Rengoku. Although weird at times, his staunch attitude made him an instant fan favorite. I loved how kind-hearted he was to the main group. The extremely willful and kindhearted character trope has been played out in anime many times, but Rengoku made it refreshing. We were able to see another side of all of the characters within their dreams until a tragic turn of events occurred.

            This arc took us through Tanjiro’s breaking point and had an extremely disheartening ending. Even with its somber ending, it had a spirit of resilience and gave the impression that Tanjiro would not be broken by what happened, but he would use it to become stronger than he was before.

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Go ahead and live with your head held high. No matter how devastated you may be by your own weakness or uselessness, set your heart ablaze.

— Rengoku

            I thought that this arc wouldn’t be as entertaining as the first but I was completely wrong. I was filled with adrenaline throughout the fight scenes. I was extremely impressed by the character development that happened. Although the series just got started, it was amazing to see how much the characters grew up in such a short amount of time. The creators also did a very good job with the ending of the series. They were able to convey a tragedy but still give me a sense of resilience.

            After the Mugen Train arc, we were soon introduced to the Entertainment District arc, the second part of the second season. Still wistful from the first part, I was left clueless about which direction the series would go afterward. With the beginning of the Entertainment District, we were introduced to a bold and flashy Hashira, Tengen. Tengen seemed like a dimmed-down version of Rengoku, but his personality became his own throughout this arc. The complexity of his character and emotions, when faced with adversity, was astonishing.

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Mark my words! This drill will open a hole in the universe! And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who’ve fallen! The hopes of those who’ll follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix! Drilling a path towards tomorrow!

— Tengen

            When finished with rigorous training, Tanjiro and his group set off to the Entertainment District, a city that was bustling with humans, as well as demons. Attempting to uncover a series of murders that had been happening for ages, the group soon discovered that they were in over their heads with the appearance of a higher-ranked demon of the twelve Kazuki. After a heroic battle that took characters to their breaking points and unlocked strength that has never been shown before, this season finale was even greater than what we had expected after the first season. 

            Being extremely moving, the entertainment district was a dive into a series that I am very excited to see the outcome of. What’s most exciting about this series was the lore. We have only begun to dig deeper into the series and there seems to be a lot to come. The animation throughout the whole season was stunning. Even in the fight scenes, the animators did not give up the quality of this piece that made it so eye-catching in the first season. They also use different animation techniques when displaying the fight scenes which sets it apart from other anime. In all, this season of Demon Slayer redefined this new generation of Anime.