Safety or Halloween?


Anchiy/E+ Collection, Getty Images

Alyson Cabrera, Paw Print Reporter

After the alterations that occurred during  the pandemic in 2019 and all through 2020, Halloween was no exception to these precautions. It will be the first time in two years that many of us will be celebrating the spookiest night of the year to the fullest. 


In 2019 these guidelines were strictly enforced where people were encouraged to only celebrate Halloween night with their families. Whether participating in one-way trick or treating with individually wrapped treat bags, holding small group outdoor costume contests with social distancing and face coverings, or visiting pumpkin patches with social distancing. Although in 2020, Covid was much milder than how it started out to be, restrictions on holidays were still put into place. Trick or treating was now allowed, but with certain precautions. Trends like trunk or treating with cars parked 6 feet apart and reverse trick or treating. 

At last, Halloween this year will be enjoyed by many while still being able to follow the guidelines. With Trick or Treating comes costumes. This year’s costume trends are not only different from costumes years before but are connected to the most popular TV shows and movies in 2021. Some examples are Wanda Maximoff, Ghostface, several characters from Halloween Kills & Squid Game, Black Widow, and many more. Unlike the past two years, trick or treating has been established to be a lower risk for transmitting the virus because it takes place outside and interactions are short. Moderate risk activities are visiting pumpkin patches, costume parades or carving/decorating pumpkins with neighbors and friends. A Parent from Norwalk says “I’m not sure if I will be taking my kid out to Trick or Treat this year. I am still hesitant about the virus and he doesn’t seem that interested in getting candy anyway”. Although this parent might feel this way about this year’s Halloween, others think differently. “I plan on going out, maybe to a hangout or out to trick or treat with friends. I’m excited for this weekend because it is the first time in two years where there are events involving Halloween,” An NHS Student says. There is both precaution and fun surrounding this Holiday, both of which are understandable. One doesn’t have to be more important than the other, they can simultaneously be utilized.