Captain Dylan Thomas


Captain Dylan Thomas has been on the boys varsity soccer team since his freshman year. Dylan shared with us that he has many goals for this upcoming season; he wants to get better individually, make sure that he’s being a great leader on and off the field, go all FCIAC again, go all state, and many more. Dylan’s main focus this year is to push his teammates to their highest potential. In order to help his team become the best players they can be, he wants to incorporate lots of team bonding, and build a strong team dynamic on the field and even in school as well. This positive environment will allow him and his fellow teammates to grow into their fullest potential. He exclaimed that this team’s success is driven by their brotherhood on and off the field. He says, “We consider each other as family and nothing less.” Dylan and the boys soccer team, as Coach Laughton also shared, are focusing on taking this season day by day. By doing this, they are able to focus on the little things, the small successes that will make their team strong overall.

“We consider each other as family and nothing less”

— Dylan Thomas