Coach Laughton


Christopher Laughton has been coaching here at Norwalk High School for 16 years, and last year he led his team to an FCIAC championship title. This season he is faithful in his team. While being tested early on in the season they have done well and played together as a team. Although he still believes there is a lot to work on, we can still expect a positive outcome from this team. Last year, the boys had many seniors that were key to the success of the team. Coach Laughton believes that although they have graduated, the depth of this team will allow it to maintain its success. But success still has its downsides, and in this team’s case, one of those would be pressure and high expectations. Dealing with the pressure, Coach Laughton highlights, comes with the reputation of the team. There has always been high expectations for this team, but they find their success taking it day by day. Rather than looking at the season as a whole and making long-term goals, they will take every day one at a time, and hopefully come out in the end as champions. Coach Laughton has said the team motto for this year is “want more”. He wants this team to not be content with success and always want more.

“Want more”

— Coach Laughton