Boys Tennis Swing Into the Season

Zach the minute man


Jack Cahill, BCSN Content Creator

Do you know how to play tennis? Tennis is actually a very difficult sport. As you can see, other sports have a very large playing field. Some people might think that playing tennis would be easy due to its size. I can assure you that this is not the case. A great strategy some people really use is to hit the ball and get your opponent to keep moving around and get them tired. We talked to Senior and Captain Zach Christinat about his last tennis season.

“During our practices, we just hit around for a bit, we get used to playing and then begin to fix our problems including our serves and other aspects of the game.” Zach has been playing tennis since freshman year, his hopes for the season are “The team winning some games and us putting up a good fight against the schools that are really good.”

Good luck to the Tennis team!