Bears Expectations For The Soccer Season

Want to play for the Bears Boys Soccer? Join us and we’ll tell you anything that you need to know to

Being a part of the NHS sports,  is a great opportunity and it feels amazing to be able to be a part of a great journey and representing your school and these colors. Not everything is going to be easy.  Everything here comes with discipline and sportsmanship.  If your thinking of joining or trying out for the boys soccer team,  here we are going to talk about the expectations, the discipline, and what requirements they are looking for.

To begin,  look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself,  are you ready?,  are you fit?,  do you have good grades? and are you a leader?.   Tryouts for the boys are in 5 months from now.  So it’s better for you to start now and train everyday.  If your thinking of trying out for varsity and your goal is to make it?  Then you have to do everything to make the team.  To show them that you really care and  that you really want it,  it’s better for you to show up to every program they are setting up during the summer preparation for the tryouts.  What the varsity coaches look for is not just your soccer skills or shooting skills,  which that does matter but what also matters is that they expect you to be FIT.  During the tryouts you have to run 1 mile sprinting all around the track and get it before 5 minutes.  Not only just that but they also expect STRENGHT from you.  So it’s really important for you to get fit and run all summer and work on durability.  Second,  you should start going to the gym and work on arms,  chest, back and legs or anything you prefer but just gain strength.  Lastly,  you have to be ready and have a good MINDSET be mentally and physically prepared.

Its okay if you don’t make the varsity team.  That shouldn’t make you give up but make you work harder.  Besides the varsity team,  there’s a JV Boys soccer team.  They expect the same thing the varsity team expects.  The JV team is run by Coach Surace.  He expects everything from you so give it everything you have on the field and on practice.  This is a great opportunity as well because you can have a chance to be brought up to the varsity team,  so in that case please give everything you have once again.

For the upcoming freshmen’s,  the same expectations goes for all you.  Just remember all the coaches are watching you and watching who are the new future star for the NHS Boys Soccer team.   `