A Day in the Lab

A critical review of AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Zach Christinat, Paw Print Reporter

What starts out slow in the first few episodes, rapidly evolves into a quick paced crime thriller/drama.

Breaking bad is a show filled with a slew of twists and turns. The hit show first aired in 2008 on the AMC network, but is also available on Netflix. There are 5 seasons throughout which we follow main character Walter White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston. Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Walter is a high school chemistry teacher who finds out some bad news while dealing with financial trouble. He turns to using his extraordinary chemistry skills to construct the illegal drug methamphetamine in order to provide for his family, and pregnant wife. With the help of a drug dealer, Jesse Pinkman, depicted by Aaron Paul, Walt makes the purest meth ever seen. Walt’s brother in law also just happens to be a DEA agent tasked with stopping methamphetamine from hitting the streets.

If the plot has not drawn you in, the actors and characters definitely will. Brayan Cranston does an incredible job portraying Walter White, and his character has some of the best character development of any character in any show. Anna Gunn plays Walt’s wife Skyler, she moves the audience with her portrayal of emotions through the tense events of the show. Aaron Paul plays a stoner drug dealer perfectly, and represents how idiotic Jesse is but also how smart, and how broken and mistreated he is.

The series is filled with fast paced action, extreme tension, suspense, crime, betrayal, near escapes, and everything else that makes a TV show incredible. The pacing of the entire series is near perfect. Not one episode in all the seasons is boring or pointless. Breaking bad is one of the most well-constructed and complete shows in recent years. All this makes Breaking Bad  an instant classic and must watch television.