“‘Last Night in Soho’, an Incredible Tribute to Classic Suspense Films


When we are talking about recent horror films, there haven’t really been any standout films that truly feel like they are made with passion for this genre. Some have done well but few actually try something different  and leave a good impression on the viewer. Last Night in Soho is the latest film by director Edgar Wright, known for movies like Baby Driver and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, two very outstanding films with a lot of emphasis on their cinematography and the music.


Last Night in Soho is no exception to this, but what is it about? Well, to put it simply it’s about Ellie, a young girl from a little town in England in present time that is really passionate about design and fashion gets a scholarship at a very prestigious fashion college in London, but everything starts to change once she is mysteriously transported into the 1960’s in the role of another woman that goes by Sandie that had her own aspirations and tragic story.

never did it feel slow or boring, it was always eye catching and a joy to watch and look for every single detail or hint.

Where the movie most surprised me was the way that it brought the 60s back to life, and it wasn’t just old cars or clothing, it was the music, which was definitely a highlight of the film. The movie uses the main character, Ellie, as a way to connect to the present with this old music from the 60s, which she really likes due to the fact she has been living with her grandmother since her mom died many years ago. I could just talk about how incredible all of these classic songs are and how perfectly they fit the movie, which by the way, was made by composer Steven Price, who also worked on Baby Driver with Edgar Wright, and got many awards and recognition for its use of music.

However the movie is not just nice music, it’s also incredible choreography by everybody and also the cinematography, which was outstanding. One of the details that I really liked the most in the film was the use of mirrors, they function as a way to show the events of the past and the story of this mysterious Sandy, but also as a way of connecting the past and the present, we see this almost towards the final act of the movie and it completely changes everything for Ellie.


Overall this movie was different, but it was the best kind of different,  This felt like a project made with passion and complete respect for the 1960s, and I didn’t even mention the reveal at the end that completely changes the perspective of the whole movie. Last Night in Soho was one of the best horror/suspense films I have seen in recent years and it tells an amazing story with really deep characters and an amazing soundtrack.