Sprinting into the new season

Norwalk Bears preparation for the indoor track season


Senior Captain Vandan Patel running full-steam ahead with his teammate, Junior Kyle Mancini right by his side.

The Norwalk Bears’ indoor track season is quickly approaching. AJ Monteiro(’22) a shockput thrower and captain Vandan Patel(’22) a long distance runner discuss how they prepared for the season.

Shock put is an event where a thrower a throws(puts) a heavy spherical ball(the shot) as far as they can. In preparation for this upcoming season Aj got stronger by going to the weight room as well as practiced his shotput form with his teammates,

Preparing for the season is just a lot of time in the weight room with the other guys. A couple of days of week we go outside and practice throwing the shot put to get our form down.”

— Aj Monteiro


In the first meet of the season on December 18th at Wilton High School, Aj placed fourth in the shotput event with a personal best of 35’10. Aj goals are to qualify for the FCIAC and State meets again and to place for a medal during these events.


Senior captain Vandan Patel expressed how excited he is for this upcoming season and is determined to accomplish his goals. Vandan has prepared for the indoor track season by emphasizing on increasing his speed rather than stamina, “To prepare for the upcoming track season we went straight into practicing outdoors after cross country season for indoor track. I think this is very important so our runners stay in shape and can start developing speed since track is more about speed and cross country is about stamina.”

My goals for this season are to qualify for FCIACS and CIACS for the 600m run, something I couldn’t do last year because of COVID. I also hope to see some of my junior teammates stepping up and qualifying for these championship meets in events such as the half mile and 1000 m.”

— Vandan Patel