Reminiscing the Boys Soccer Season

What’s next for them?

We know them as our FCIAC champs, but lets take a look back into their season.

The team put on an excellent performance on the field throughout their season, whether it was against the toughest teams or the lower ranked teams, the bears managed to pull out a 12-2-2 season.  The team definitely made this a season to remember. Junior Forward Jack Gerardi stated “I think the most memorable moment for me this year would have to be winning FCIACS. To be able to do that in front of the crowd we had was just amazing and is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”  Not to mention goals had to be set for this past season by Coach Laughton and the players themselves, after coming off a modified season due to COVID. Gerardi also quoted “One of my goals this year was to put Norwalk soccer back on the map, and I think we certainly did that. To be ranked top 5 in the state, win FCIACS, and have such a great season, I think we definitely accomplished that.” With all the success the boys have accomplished I think all we can say to the Bears is a big congrats and wait to see what they bring next season…