An 18 Year Old Making History

The MVP Mateo Cano

Mike Jimenez

Learn about Mateo Cano the “unstoppable player”.

Mateo is a senior at Norwalk High. He plays left winger for the Norwalk’s boys Varsity soccer team. Despite only being in the US for 3 years he has really made an impact in the soccer team and in school spirit. He used to play for Brien McMahon so this was his first season Playing for Norwalk and he scored 18 goals, an accomplishment most could only dream of, as well as helping the team win the FCIAC’s championship tittle. Only being 18 years old he has been called “the best soccer player in Connecticut”. In the final game he was on the left of the field dribbling the ball, looking for and opening then he passes it to the middle towards Myles Sawyer who scored the one and only goal that game. Mateo won the MVP of the season.

Mateo has made some friends on the team two of them being Dylan Thomas and Diego Ramirez, they have said that he makes the game “easy” as well as Coach Laughton saying he is an “unstoppable player”. Mateo says he is thankful for everything that the team and the people around have done for him. I’m sure he has great things ahead of him but we will have to wait and see.