High School Halloween-Let Teens Trick or Treat!!


Gwynen Varner, Paw Print Reporter

The idea of high schoolers trick or treating, or even celebrating Halloween is viewed as silly. Is this because we are too old, or too mature? In this article, I interviewed two people asking their opinion, and view on high school students celebrating Halloween. 


Interview one was with my dad, Tim Varner. I started by asking him when the last time was that he celebrated Halloween and went all out. He replied to me, “this year will be the first time in a few years actually, since covid ruined Halloween last year I wasn’t able to.” Even for grown adults with kids, continue to celebrate Halloween, dress up, and go out. There should not be a Halloween spirit gap between going from high school student to grown adult with children. The idea of two adults dressing up and going out together on Halloween should inspire kids in high school, college, or any age to do the same. It’s important to forget about our struggles, and sorrows for one night, and celebrate. 


The second interview was with Deliagni Fernandez, a Sophomore here at Norwalk High. The first question I asked was, “are you planning on trick-or-treating this year?” She said with a smile, “who isn’t, I am dressing up as an angel with my younger sister and my friend Valeria. It will definitely be a highlight of 2021, given last year Halloween was robbed from us.” As a sophomore teenager, she has no shame in the game. I strongly believe that no matter your age, if you have the spirit of Halloween you should do all the steps in celebration, including trick-or-treating. 


Keeping childhood is so important especially in a time like this where we cannot experience everything to the fullest because of covid. You need to always have fun with your friends no matter what age, and going out on Halloween is only once a year, what’s the point of staying in? When we’re older we learn the real meaning of fun and Halloween, why denounce going out and celebrating? Halloween is one night a year where you can dress however you want, and express yourself through your costume. Continue going out, and continue trick-or-treating, who cares how old you are? Forget about what others think, and have fun for an hour.