Boys Soccer vs. Potato Sacks

Inside look on team bonding with Boys Soccer

It’s a huge impact towards our team’s success

— Coach Laughton

Imagine being a fly on the ball watching a group of boys jump at you in a potato sack….

The Norwalk High Boys Soccer coaches do a lot to keep the team unified. When asked about team chemistry, Coach Laughton said, “It’s a huge impact toward our team’s success, teammates enjoying their time on and off the field with other teammates is vital, and we’ve found that the most successful teams have the tightest knit connections.”. Coach Laughton also said that towards the end of most of their practices they have team building games called “Olympics” where although usually they don’t include soccer, they still maintain and improve on the team’s competitiveness and chemistry. This Mic’d up episode will take a closer look at how the boys soccer team is practicing and preparing for their upcoming postseason games, as well as how they keep a close knit bond.

Coach Lepoutre and Coach Laughton surprised the boys with a team building activity half way into practice, Potato Sack Races! Sports aren’t solely based on the ability of the player, but are also about how good of a teammate they are. Having chemistry will help build this team on and off the field, and will help them go far in their postseason games. The boys take the words “There’s no ‘I’ in team” seriously and are advancing into FCIACS as well as States, becoming more of a family every day.