The Dangers of Social Media Predators

Tierna Mahoney, Paw Print Reporter

 CallMeCarson, a smaller social media influencer and streamer, was recently exposed for being in contact with a minor and was seeking illicit pics from said minor. 

CallMeCarson is active on many platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Typically, his content involved playing games like Minecraft. He has come to admit his actions and even friends and colleagues no longer support him.

Back in early January, Twitter user “@miniborb” (real name Sam) made accusations against CallMeCarson, claiming that he had groomed her when she was 17 while he was 19. She was 21 at the time she made the statements. She released screenshots of old messages between the two, some containing sexual content and others manipulation. As stated before, his own colleagues and friends have distanced themselves with him and refuse to be associated with him. Within that friend group, some claimed that Carson admitted to exchanging explicit photos with a 17 year old during a phone call in early 2020.

Many people who still support Carson try to claim that the age difference between Sam and Carson only had a two year age difference so the crime was not as serious as people were making it out to be. However, it was still illegal as one of the parties was underage. Secondly, another thing that has to be addressed is the power dynamic that took place here. Carson was a social media influencer that Sam idolized. 

Regardless of her age, Carson used his fame in order to manipulate someone into doing something for him that they did not want. He preyed on these younger fans because they were naive and more open to giving him what he wants. It is pitiful that people would try to reason what Carson has done despite the fact that he admitted that these things were true.

This is not an entirely new concept, either. Social media influencers on all different platforms have either been accused or exposed for associating themselves with minors in a not so innocent manner. Social media is an easy way for predators to come into power and be in a position where contact with minors is common. Even websites like Discord or Omegle are often filled with child groomers or predators as it is easy to access and to use.

It is important to remember to stay safe and cautious when you go online. Online predators can be absolutely disgusting and can try to take advantage of young people in any way possible. Please remember to be safe and responsible when you go online.