A New Game is ‘Among Us’

The video game, Among Us, has gained a great amount of attention recently. Everyone ranging from children to political figures have been playing this game. Although it was developed in 2018, it was essentially unheard of until a few months ago. Popular streamers on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have gained immense views from this game.

The game itself is designed similarly to the rules of mafia. There are three maps one could choose to play on and different game settings to fit your preference. Each player can choose which color they want their character to be. They can even pick if they want a special hat, pet, or outfit. 

Taking place in outer space, there are two groups of players: the crewmates and the imposters. These groups are determined randomly, which is essential to the game play. The crewmates are deemed the innocents and have to do tasks to repair their spaceship in order to return home. The imposters are disguised aliens that have to kill most crewmates to win. The game is over when either all of the imposters are voted out, all of the tasks are completed, or most crewmates are dead. Imposters can also pull sabotages that can prevent crewmates from completing certain tasks for a small period of time. Despite the seemingly gruesome details, the game has a rating of 9+.

When playing the game, it makes sense as to why it is so popular. As a player, you get immersed in your surroundings and get really invested into winning the game. It is so addicting that people find themselves playing for hours. You can even convince up to nine other friends to play with you. If you find yourself looking for a way to pass time, I absolutely recommend downloading Among Us.