Girls Soccer Home Opener Against the Other Side!!


A very intense and close game throughout the whole 90 minutes of playing. McMahon had a lot of possession time throughout the first half of the game with a couple of shots who were saved by Norwalk High Goalie Anna Haus. Both teams had a few shots on goal but the only successful shot was Grace (#9) from McMahon. At the end of the first half the score was 1-0 McMahon. To start off the second half the Bears were ready to take charge, they possessed the ball a bit more but they couldn’t get it past mid field which is an issue. Half way through the second half Valentina (#19) from McMahon scored from a corner kick. With a few minutes remaining the ball was in our possession and with a shot on goal from Cammy Monaco (#4) was saved by a player just outside of the goal. With the last few seconds winding down the final score remained 2-0 McMahon.  The Bears played tough in the effort and look to improve in their next match.