Hitting The Slopes!

Updates on Norwalk High’s ski and snowboard club, as well as other skiing opportunities.

Samantha Sieber


The Norwalk High Ski Club is back and better than ever, kicking it off with the first trip on 1/6. The head of the club is Mr. Romano, as well as help from Mr Serricchio, Mr. Robbins, and Ms Moran. The club has three more trips planned at Mount Southington in January and February 2023. The whole ski club experience is fun and memorable, especially with friends.

Two Fridays in January and in February, all of the club members leave class at 1:30 and prepare for the trip. The bus leaves at 2:00 and it takes around an hour to get to the mountain. While there, you can go off and ski right away with just a lift pass, unless you need to rent equipment. In that case, those club members grab their rented skis or snowboard, and hit the slopes.

Outside of the ski club, many people can take their enjoyment of skiing or snowboarding to other mountains in the east coast. One great mountain is Okemo in Vermont. Several photos above show the snowy conditions on the mountain on 1/14/23.