Donnelly’s Plan for the Lady Bears

Donnelly Takes the New Year Head On

Casey Donnelly had started playing here at Norwalk high school her freshman year by taking the leadership role and showing everyone she had the talent to be here.  From being a practice team player looking up to the upperclassmen, to becoming the upperclassmen trying to mentor the youth. Here at Norwalk High School we have a strong history in each and every single one of our sports.  Casey explains that she is guiding her team through a new year. Losing a lot of seniors who had a lot of impact on this team has been a challenge, but one Donnelly will take head on. Losing the bonds and all of the chemistry throughout the team may be the biggest loss, Donnelly says that this is where she will want to focus the most. “Not having too much experience, the chemistry we build can make up for it”, Donnelly states. 

Not having too much experience, the chemistry we build can make up for it”

— Casey Donnelly

This upcoming season is unpredictable for the Norwalk Girls. Their off-season record had ended (0-6-2) while playing some very tough competition.  Last season was not going how they had planned, they aim to switch how they do things this year. Casey wants the 7 of the seniors to set a positive example for the rest of the team this year. Having a good group of seniors to show the underclassmen how things are supposed to be run. To run a successful team everyone has to be in agreement or be civil with what goes on through the system. Teaching the system before the athletes enter can be an advantage and extra step to take before the season. Offseason work was part of the plan for this Girls Soccer team.

Being put in a league to get an early look at this year’s team. Starting to get to work early was a good sign for the team. Working out as a team and starting to play as a team, they were all starting to feel confident about the season. The team is very young this season and just starting their careers but they all seem to want to be there and are dedicated to putting the work in to have a good season.  The girls have started this season strong with getting their second win just last night against Westhill.