Norwalk Field Hockey Girls On Edge For Season





Norwalk field hockey girls are excited about their season. It won’t feel the same as the last couple of years but they’re grateful that they have a season. We had a chance to interview a few players on the team and this is what they had to say:  “I feel that this season is going to be very hard to deal with because of COVID-19 and getting back into the swing of things but our team is shaping up very well,” said junior keeper Sophia Taiyanides. “This season is going to be one to remember. We’ve had to adapt to so many rules but there’s so much potential on the team. I’m taking it one game at a time because, at this point, there’s no way to know what day could be the last of the season,” said senior captain Tessa Albrecht. The girls just won a scrimmage four- zero versus McMahon, as they look prepared and ready to go. 


The girls have had to overcome many challenges and problems considering all of the Covid-19 restrictions put into place. “Sadly it has ruined a lot of our traditions and a lot of the stuff that we do during game days and pregame and just an overall day-to-day practice,” Taiyanides said. Their practices were very different this year, including a month of only being allowed to practice in cohorts of 10, then proceeding into full contact on September 21st.  These restrictions have definitely been a factor when it comes to preparing, but they understand that every team in the state is in the same boat. 


The Lady Bears look to start their season on a strong note and take on their cross-town rivals Brien McMahon on Thursday, October 1st and Wednesday, October 7th.