Keira Gilchrist our Starting #8

Keira Gilchrist


The girls lacrosse team showed plenty of promise this spring season. We had the chance to ask starting freshman, Keira Gilchrist a few questions about how the season went for her. This season was the first for Keira Gilchrist and overall she thought it was a good season for her first and mentioned how she met a lot of new people. Being a freshman on the varsity team was not easy but Kiera proved her point to the coaches and got the opportunity to get a starting spot on the field. We asked Kiera how it felt to be one of the starting freshman’s on the team and she replied with “I really enjoyed the experience playing up against older girls with a lot of talent and with my teammates who pushed me to try harder”. We also asked Keira about what challenges she had to face to become a skilled player as an underclassman, she said “I had to take the time and effort to really work hard to get into camps as well as my club team which has really shaped who I am and the skills I have”.   When asked about her thoughts on this years season overall she responded with, ” As the season  progressed we really improved and started to learn how to work together, it was honestly just fun and I am so excited for next year.”  Keria has some great talent with potential, and brings a lot of promise to the team, fans of the Norwalk girl’s lacrosse have a lot to look forward to for the upcoming season. The lady bears hold a bright future and we can’t wait to see whats next.