Swinging to the Season

State championship bears are keeping the ball rolling into the season


Jack Cahill B.C.S.N.

This years boys baseball team is led by senior captains Kostaki Kodonas, Eddy Garabito-Soto, and Philip Nora.
We asked these captains some questions about the preseason and some goals they have for the team during this season. Kostaki Kodonas said “We had captains workouts at Tucci on Saturdays and Thursdays, weight room on Tuesdays, and work outs at CSP on Sundays.” Some goals for the season are “To win states, and FCIACS.” We also asked how has the team been improving he said “We have been focusing mentally into all the games and doing what we need to do in order to get the other team out without making any mistakes and errors.”