Early Softball Expectations

Norwalk Softball aiming to make it home for the season

Girls Softball at Norwalk High School looks to  build upon last season.

Captain Emily Whelan said “for this season, my expectations are to qualify for FCIACS and States and to have a good run in both. I also hope that we continue to improve and show the league what Norwalk Softball has to offer.”

The girls look to start strong on their season this year as they already have won their two first games of the season.  Emily Whelan also looks to win this week’s Ruden Report Female Player of the Week, by being nominated for a great game against Notre Dame with a  home run, single, double, and  finished with a 11-6 win. Whelan told us her personal goals as a senior captain this season ” I can improve on my offense. I did not have a good season last year, so I am really pushing myself to have an outstanding one this year.” The teams other captain Benni Tucci talked a little bit about her team, “My favorite thing about our team is the versatility of our players and the bod we all have, these girls all have the same goal and is to be great. If I was to describe this team in three words it would be hardworking, supportive, and passionate.” These girls aim to have the best season possible to show the league who Norwalk Softball is.