AJ Monteiro

AJ Monteiro , Paw Print Editor

1) Spider-Man: No Way Home

2) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

3) Avengers: Endgame

4) Thor: Ragnarok

For the first time in Mount Rushmore history, I am not certain in my list. There are simply way too many outstanding movies that I simply cannot make a “perfect” list. 

I am someone who grew up watching these kinds of movies and were heavily influenced by them growing up. I have Spider-Man stuffed animals from when I was five years old, it is safe to say I have a lot of bias when it comes to superheroes. 

With that being said let us dive into my list, a few things to note: you may notice there are no Captain America movies on my list… that is because I hate Captain America with 99% of my heart (I will talk about the 1% later). With that out of the way, fourth place goes to Thor: Ragnarok. Like I said before there are so many movies that could have easily taken this spot. Thor is just a really well designed character and this movie was Marvel’s take on a “funny” MCU superhero movie and I think they pulled it off near perfectly. 

Taking home third I have Avengers: Endgame. My thought process behind this choice was I wanted a movie that not only was enjoyable to an audience but had a lasting effect in the MCU as well. I was debating between this movie and it’s almost “part one” in Avengers: Infinity War, but did not want to put both of them on this list, so I decided to stick with Endgame. because of how perfectly it sets up the Marvel timeline and future movies. One problem a lot of people have with this movie is that they feel the Avengers had too much going in their favor but I did not have that problem with the film. This movie also has two of the greatest Marvel scenes ever with the “portal scene” where Dr. Strange enters the final fight with all the cavalry, and Captain America’s “lifting Mjolnir” scene (the 1%). 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 at two is my sleeper pick. When the third movie eventually comes out I think the Guardians trilogy will be the best in the entire MCU. The characters in these films are simply so cool. Each of them have their own backstory and come together through crazy circumstances. The reason I loved these movies so much is because of all the side characters. Peter Quill is the “main character” but the other guardians are some of my favorite characters in the entire MCU. Groot and Rocket’s friendship is unlike any other pair of bestfriends in the MCU. The reasoning behind putting Vol 2 ahead of Vol 1 is because the entire storyline of Peter Quill searching for his father and then having to fight him because he turned out to be a corrupt planet was really cool and done very well. 

No surprise here, my number one ranking goes to Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is a newer movie so I will watch what I say in case of any spoilers. I am very biased to the character of Spider-Man because he has been my favorite superhero ever since I watched Andrew Garfield in 2012. Watching this movie was unlike anything else and is easily the best Marvel movie ever. I would go as far as to say it is almost the best “superhero” movie ever, up there with The Dark Knight. I know that is a bold statement but I genuinely believe that and stand by it. Any technical flaw that there might be in this film I can overlook simply because of how much I enjoyed it. Enough said.