The Hustle

Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect with Isaias Gonzalez

Sports and doing my best is my way of showing her that I’ve got her back and she’s got mine.

— Isaias

When people talk about a great teammate, great person, someone who’s hardworking, and someone who’s relentless to achieve his goals… the person they should think of is Isaias Gonzalez.

Isaias is a student athlete at P-Tech Norwalk. Isaias is the Senior Captain of the Norwalk High Basketball team. He’s a guard with a great shot and great defense skills.

Isaias plays the game of basketball because he loves the sport and it keeps him level headed and out of trouble. He was coached throughout his life by his Dad Will. Isaias’s inspiration to play the game comes from his mom. He wants to be able to help his mom when she can’t help her.

Isaias is the definition of hard working. He lives his life with hustle, loyalty, and respect.