How Grace Galeano Finds Her Escape

High school student feels strongest when practicing self defense


Campbell Heatly, BCSN Content Creator

Globally licensed second degree blackbelt and Female 163.5 tournament State champion both narrate 18 year old Grace Galeano.

Grace Galeano is a Senior at Norwalk High School who has dedicated her life to Martial Arts. Going through a rough childhood at home and at school, she went to martial arts as an escape because it was the only place she felt strong. Grace has spent 14 years mastering martial arts for Gracie Sports USA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self-Defense, ran by Carlos Gracie and Hélio Gracie. Grace has competed against challengers between the ages of 23 and 41 years old and has practiced different branches of martial arts including Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muaythai Kickboxing, and Taekwondo. Now you may be wondering, how does Grace plan on improving her profession? Where will she go from here? What about future education?  After high school, Grace is planning on continuing her education at NCC so she can focus on improving her training. Her main goal for the future is to participate in competitions out of state and out of the country. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young star!