Diving into the Swim Season

Swimming into the 2022 season

Coming off of a modified season due to COVID, the boys Swim and Dive team, is ready to strike back coming into the 2021-2022 season. The boys Swim and Dive team is co-op with McMahon. Mr. Minnocci is the Head Coach with two other coaches. While, Mrs. Guster is the Head Diving Coach. Coach Minnocci hopes for the season is to have a “10-1 record beating everyone but Greenwich and of course giving Greenwich a run for their money.”

Top 3 at FCIACS and top 3 at States.

— Mr. Minnocci

Ben Bradley, a Junior who dives on the team, hopes for the season is “I hope to come out even stronger than we did last year, to beat the harder teams that we may not normally win against in previous years. For a personal goal I hope to make it to State Opens.” Preseason might be one of the most important parts of a swimmers season. It’s the time for them to get back in the pool and to get right back into shape. Due to half of the swimmers swimming club year round, a lot of them have stayed in shape. So their preseason consists of them continuing to train with their club team. Coach Minnocci states there were 6 to 10 boys, non-club swimmers, during preseason that went to practices since November and showed lots of improvement. While interviewing Mr. Minnocci, we were also able to interview Senior Finn Cunniffe and Sophomore Mike Kvashchuck, which is attached bellow. The boys are also looking to break a lot of the school records this year too! After asking, “What’s one word of advice you’d give to your team/athletes?” Jake Donovan, a Junior said, “To not give up and stay motivated.” We wish you the best of luck this season!!!