Inside the Life of a Fall Coach

Teaching on the Coaching Staff

Norwalk High School is known for having an outstanding staff, that is dedicated to helping students become successful in life. Not only are they teachers or a staff member, some are also coaches for Norwalk High School too. Balancing both roles is not as easy as you think. The majority of the coaching staff for Norwalk High School, are staff members too. Having the fall season coming to an end, we were able to interview some of the teachers who are also coaches for the fall sports. Mr. Seaburg, is the Head Coach for Girls Varsity Field Hockey, but also the DMCA teacher. Mr. Minnocci, is the Assistant Coach for Girls Swimming and Diving, but also a science teacher. Mr. Gigliotti, is the Head Coach for Golf but, also an English Teacher. Mr. Surace is the Head Coach for Varsity Girls Soccer, but also a guidance counselor. Interviewing them, we learned what they do during school to prepare for a game after school. For example, we learned how their free time is limited and not taken for granted. Being apart of the student body, we want to thank every staff member who is also dedicates their time to being a coach too.