Mr. Record Breaker

One of the top running backs in the state Cam Edwards.


Nick Fatone and Lucas Giglio

Cam Edwards is the stud running back and defensive back for the Norwalk High football team that is breaking records and still going.

Cam is breaking school records with ease.  As of 11/22/21 Cam has a total of 1,494 rushing yard, 24 total touchdown and 20 of them are rushing touchdowns, an average of 8.2 yard per rush, and per game averages 166.0 yard.  On the other side of the ball Cam has and total of 37 tackles, 4.1 tackles a game and 3 interceptions on the year.  In there last game against Wilton high school Cam tied his High School career high with 5 touchdown and also had 17 rushes for 291 rushing yards, along with that on the other side of the ball he got an interception.  A couple of schools that are looking at Cam are Central Connecticut State University and Sacred Heart University.

He is a very hard worker for what he does and takes pride in what he does.  Edwards also does a lot in the off season,  when others aren’t working in order to get better and accel.  He’s a great student as well as a person off of the field.  In most of his games, he uplifts his teammates when times are rough and turns things around to get better energy flowing, that’s a great thing.  His teammates express and say how he’s an all around great guy with what he does on and off of the field.  More importantly they talk about how much of a hard working athlete he is and doesn’t like to not train.  Everyone on the team will definitely miss Cam after this season and as a main part to the teams success, not only is he that they all say how he is a funny guy to be around and always brings laughs to any situations.