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Norwalk High’s Soccer Duo

Learning what takes to be a powerful duo


What forms a team and leads it to success?

Only a duo with an unbelievable strong bond with dedication, hard work, and love could create an atmosphere like the two Norwalk High captains have. Knowing that these two captains Jake Godwin and Diego Ramirez have been on the Norwalk High soccer team since their freshmen year proves their dedication and love for the program.

“we are unstoppable when we play to our potential and give everything we have.”

— Diego Ramirez

Jake says “working up to varsity has been something I have always wanted and something I have always thought I could achieve if I put in the work.” They have both have been on teams that haven’t show what they are capable of and decided to change that with their insanely strong bond. This showed the rest of the team their loyalty and that they’re willing to do whatever it takes. Which reflected hard on the rest of their team. This was a big part that lead them on to an FCIAC championship. A quote from Diego Ramirez “we are unstoppable when we play to our potential and give everything we have.” This shows his passion and trust in the team he and Jake have created. Both of these players are outstanding people and getting to know them personally is a privilege. Unfortunately this great duo will not be here next year. The memories of this duo will still remain intact for future teams and will also show future captions what they need to do to create a team as remarkable as this one.

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