The Rise of Kaelyn Fogelson

Hitting Her Ways Through the Years

Morgan Saunders, BCSN Content Creator

Do you play a sport? If so, how long have you been playing that sport?

Kaelyn Fogelson has been playing field hockey since she was in third grade! Think of all the time, effort, passion, and dedication Kaelyn has put into field hockey. If it wasn’t for her mom, who played field hockey at Ohio Wesleyan University, she wouldn’t have this love for field hockey that she has now. Kaelyn is the only freshman on the Varsity Field Hockey Team. Not only is she the only freshman, she is one of the key starting players on the team. Being the only freshman seems like an extreme amount of pressure, but according to Kaelyn, age isn’t a factor. She states “it doesn’t really feel like I am a freshman, once your on the team that is your group of friends that you hangout with everyday. It feels normal!” Kaelyn also states that the field hockey team has a special bond with each other and with their coaches. Their coaches are Head Coach Seaburg and Assistant Coach Martinez.  Kaelyn Fogelson has a bright future ahead of her on the field and off the field.