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Coach Miller To Lead Bears Football Back On Track

September 28, 2021


The Bears football team has gone through many changes over the past seasons, that have positively impacted the team and players. Some important senior players this season are Camryn Edwards (#1) and Jack Cahill (#4) that could lead the bears to a promising season.


With the new and successful coach, Pat Miller, Norwalk is looking better then ever with a hot start to the season.  The football team has big expectations this season and senior Jack Cahill said this about the teams goals, “The team’s expectations are to get 7 or more wins to get a good spot in playoffs and then once we make playoffs then we have states to worry about.” 


Because of the Covid-19 virus the 2020 high school football season was changed to 7 on 7 and fans weren’t allowed to attend any games. This help to ensure players, coaches, and trainers were safe from the spread. Now, this season the restrictions have been lifted and the amount of fans at games are back to full capacity. Camryn Edwards on last season and going back to 11v11, “Being back is good and I feel like last season was good and bad because we got close to the new coach and now that we are playing 11v11 we are all a lot closer” This exciting news are having great impacts on players. Jack Cahill said, “It definitely helps because when you hear all your friends cheering for you it gets you more hyped up and it brings energy to the field”




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